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Textiles make up the lion’s share of a garment’s environmental impact. That means if you’re looking to improve your brand’s sustainability, or build a new fashion business with ethical values, your sourcing plan is a logical place to start.

While the topic of sustainable sourcing is much too vast to cover in a single handbook, through this PDF guide and accompanying video briefing, I hope to provide a useful starting point, giving you the inspiration and confidence to push your sourcing strategy in more creative, ethical and ambitious directions.

What’s included?

  • How to create a Sourcing Strategy
  • An introduction to how the textile supply chain operates
  • Why you should work directly with mills, and how
  • A guide to the most common fibres you will encounter and the sustainability considerations unique to each
  • Advice on how to avoid toxic chemicals in your textiles
  • How to source for circularity, including biodegradability, recycling, deadstock and upcycling
  • A jargon-busting glossary of common textile industry terms
  • A video briefing so I can walk you through the entire guide page by page

How do I get it?

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