Streamline your to-do list, as well as your budget, with ad-hoc freelance services.

Let’s face it: there is already plenty of stuff in this world. Those of us creating new products have a responsibility to ensure each item is sustainably produced and provides long-lasting value for consumers.

With a depth of knowledge covering the entire garment life-cycle, from first sketch to final delivery and beyond,  I have years of experience executing high quality, ethical and sustainable fashion collections. 

I offer services on a flexible freelance basis, with no long-term commitment required. My work can be charged at an hourly rate to provide the best value for small brands, so it’s easy to put together a package of services that fits your budget.


CAD Illustration & Tech Packs

Critical Path and Budget planning

Sustainable fabric and trim sourcing

Custom fabric development (incl. prints, jacquard, broderie, lace, devoré, etc)

Custom / branded trim development (including woven labels, swingtags etc)



Fabric and Garment testing

Pre-Production preparation and checks (patterns, specifications, PPS packs etc)

Garment costings

Fitting guidance and comments

Technical documentation (size guides, grade rules, supplier guides, etc)

Production graded measurements

Now booking for August 2021

Get in touch or to discuss your specific needs, and how I can best be of help.

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