Get the informed guidance you need – so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

Unsure where to begin, who to trust, or what to expect from your suppliers?

Finding it impossible to maintain perspective while juggling design, customer service, marketing and bookkeeping?

Give your business an injection of objectivity by bringing in a second opinion, informed by the trial and error of other designers before you.

My background working with small, independent and emerging fashion brands has given me an understanding of the challenges particular to fledgling labels, as well as first hand experience of what works and what doesn’t.

In a one-off, 60 minute Zoom meeting, we can discuss anything on your mind, including:

  • Reviewing your business plan and clarifying your first steps for starting up
  • Challenges that are holding your business back and how to overcome them
  • How to improve the quality and durability of your products
  • How to build an efficient and ethical supply chain, both manufacturing and textile
  • The potential positive and negative social and ecological impacts of your products
  • How to communicate your values and your sustainability efforts honestly and effectively
  • How to accurately cost your garments to ensure your business is making sustainable margins
  • How to put together everything you will need to launch your first collection
  • How to properly prepare your sample collection for production

1-on-1 Advice Sessions are perfect for designers who are facing a particular challenge, or starting a new project, and want to brainstorm with an experienced professional to gain some clarity and confidence.

Now Booking for August 2021

60 Minute session : £95 / Payment required before appointment

Sound good? Get in touch today to set up your session!

Regular, ongoing Advice Sessions are combined with unlimited Monday – Friday digital support via email and WhatsApp, providing you with the guidance you need to make the right, responsible decisions for your business.

Having a Mentor gives you accountability to make sure you stick to your deadlines and stand by your values. When you are armed with informed advice, you can move forward with more confidence and avoid costly mistakes further down the road.

Mentorship also opens up access to my network of industry contacts, connecting you to a wider community of highly skilled and reliable suppliers and contractors.

This package is great for designers who are new to the industry or the world of sustainable fashion, and are willing to handle the day to day work themselves but would feel more confident with the guidance of an experienced professional.

All mentoring placements are currently fully booked

Full mentoring (Zoom, Email and WhatsApp support): £400 / month

Light mentoring (Email support only): £150 / month

(For clients requiring more hands-on assistance, please see my freelance services.)

Do you feel like you need help with your business but you’re not quite sure what that should look like?

I work with most of my clients through a bespoke mix of freelance and consulting to meet their individual business needs and budget.

Get in touch today to explore how I might best be able to be of help.

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