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a sustainable fashion brand consultancy based in london, uk

I’m Nicole, founder of n.o. development. With 12 years experience in fashion product development, production and sourcing, I understand first hand the complex garment lifecycle and how it can both positively and negatively impact communities and the environment.

Through writing, freelance services, and 1-on-1 consulting, my mission is to help values-oriented founders build positive-impact fashion businesses.

Creating high quality, sustainable and ethical apparel is not easy, and there are no shortcuts. Luckily, overcoming these challenges to build an authentic and responsible fashion company is not only deeply rewarding, it can be lots of fun as well.

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Sustainability offers small fashion brands a unique competitive advantage over big labels – one that they can’t afford to overlook.

However, the arena of sustainable fashion can be an intimidating one, with many wide-ranging and sometimes contradictory issues to consider. These implications need to be taken into consideration every step along the way, from setting up your business strategy to manufacturing your final product.

n.o. development is here to help you build your fashion brand while incorporating your core values with authenticity, so you can build a business you are truly proud of.

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